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White, as a angel. Pale, as a ghost.

I am a soldier in the great war

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You can read more about Silas in Dan Brown's masterpiece, The Da Vinci Code or see the movie on May 19. I am not Dan Brown, this journal is for entertainment (ie Role Playing) only.

Silas is lost, without The Bishop telling him what to do. Lacking guidance, he's just not sure what to do with himself. He's angry and bitter and irritable. Until he meets The Abbe De Coulmier at the church in town. Will the Abbe's love and guidance be able to tame the wildness inside of Silas?


Silas is an albino, which set him up for a violent childhood, full of beatings and taunting and other horrific experiences. He ran away at a very young age, and was eventually captured and imprisoned. Upon his escape, he was nursed back to health and given the name Silas by his care taker, a very influential man who happed to be a Bishop in a religious sect called opus Dei. Silas quickly found redemption through self flagellation and serving God within the strict regime of the Opus Dei.

otherways Silas differs from his canonical self in that he was raised a circus side show freak, exposed and ridiculed because of his freakish appearance, until Bishop Aringarosa witness the horros the boy suffered, and the boy saved the Bishop form a vicious attack and the Bishop in turn secreted the boy away from the prison in which he lived. The Bishop renamed the boy and introduced him to a strict religion he'd founded himself, and taught young Silas to be godly and self-sacrificing at every turn.